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Artropia provides kids with online drawing courses for the world

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Artropia, as the world's leading online art platform, builds an in-depth interactive art classroom through the online teaching mode of small group classes of 3-8 people, bringing the best art learning experience to children aged 4-12. Develop children's drawing ability, creativity and imagination. At the same time, it integrates comprehensive content such as world culture, artistic aesthetics, history and humanities, and global literacy to achieve children's artistic talents.

The course incorporates a variety of painting scenes, including different costumes, regions of different countries, and various contents about nature, history, and science, so that children can gain knowledge and broaden their horizons while completing the cultivation of artistic interests. The interest cultivation mode carried out in small classes of 3-8 people has also been supported by many parents and students.

Small classes of 3-8 children interact with each other, the scene setting is wonderful and interesting, and the daily scenes are close to life, creating an immersive art learning environment, allowing children to flexibly use what they have learned in social and painting scenes, and learn painting skills in the process of enjoyable games , so that children can truly speak, draw and express.


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