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Artropia curriculum: covering the main stages of children's growth and development

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Artropia learning content mainly includes: basic creative painting, oil painting, sketching, watercolor, illustration, comics, from easy to difficult to learn step by step. Covering the teaching of painting techniques and the cultivation of creative thinking, the courses are designed according to the American K12 visual art standards, and suitable high-quality courses are provided for children according to their age.

Starting from the zero-based teaching, it is mainly aimed at children aged 4-12. The course content is basic training, cognition-oriented, and adopts dialogues with children, games and other methods to stimulate children's five senses. Focus on encouragement and give children enough space to paint.

According to the theory of children's painting development, 4-6 years old is the pictorial period, the active period of children's painting enlightenment, and also an important cognitive period for children, in which children show independent personality and thinking. , the Artropia curriculum system focuses on children's creative expression and picture expression in this age group in line with the painting characteristics of children in this age group.

A few children can be stimulated, enhance competition, enhance interactivity, and let interactivity improve in communication, collision, and ability. . However, the entry standards for Artropia teachers are very difficult, and they need to go through 2-3 months of systematic assessment and training before formal employment to ensure high-quality teaching skills.

In addition, Artropia's courses also include interesting animation stories, parent-child interaction and immersive games. The classroom is highly interesting, not only suitable for art learning, but also very conducive to children's long-term maintenance of interest and enthusiasm for painting.

Parents, go to the homepage of the website to get a free trial class and experience it!


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