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Artropia live online class: activate children's creative nature

The famous psychologist Maslow believes that healthy people should have "more creativity" and "more artistry", and be able to gain a deeper insight into the essence of things, observe the world, and express themselves. Maslow emphasized that creative aesthetic education plays an important role in educating people in the modern education system, which can help children grow up healthily and better adapt to future social development.

A painting by a 10-year-old child

Artropia adopts real-life situational teaching in small classes of 3-8 children, providing children with an environment where their peers grow together, the classroom atmosphere is more active, and the classroom participation is higher. Let children gain a sense of security from the familiar teaching environment, so that they are willing to actively communicate with teachers and peers, actively participate in classroom learning and discussions, and grow better in healthy competition and creative collisions.

Make the process-based training of teachers more stable, encourage more stable and more independent thinking, and the concept of thinking and thinking can be implemented in teaching implement


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