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My experience at Artropia for the first time

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Few days ago, I saw a friend’s children’s paintings posted on Facebook, and I heard that they studied in Artropia for a month.

It just happens that my child Iris also likes to paint. I always wanted him to learn systematically. With the mentality of trying, I signed up for an experience class for tutor Jean. He was very interested, so I signed up for the formal course without hesitation. The following Share our experience with you.

The Artropia classroom process is as following:

First introduce the theme through a course animation, the teacher will explain the art knowledge points of this lesson, and then guide the children to complete the creation step by step through observation and imagination, and finally let each child show and share their own paintings story and give some review feedback.

Artropia's teachers are friendly, humorous, and will explain and demonstrate in a language that children can understand.

For example, in the theme class "super uncle", the main knowledge point is to learn various patterns. The tutor will let the children choose pattern materials, guide the children to "dress" the kitten with rich patterns and let Superman fly in the air, and inspire the children interests.

Artropia focuses on cultivating children's creative thinking. It does not restrict what and how children draw, but encourages them to create freely. Of course, if the child encounters difficulties, the teacher will take the initiative to mention a few words to encourage the child to continue to complete the painting.

Artropia has small group classes. Children with similar ages and drawing skills are in class together, and children can learn from each other. Iris has a relatively introverted personality, and he didn't dare to raise her hand to speak public at first. Fortunately, the tutor Jean noticed this and communicated with Iris often. Now she not only has more confidence in her paintings, but also has stronger desire of expression.

Now, iris is no longer scribbling on his own. Not only has he mastered some simple painting techniques, but also has significantly improved his painting creativity. I am very surprised. I hope he can persevere and continue to improve!


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