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Select the ideal tutor
with Artropia

We'll match you with our top-notch drawing tutors to help unlock your child's creativity and imagination


Artropia Tutors' Advantages

Excellent art drawing experts

Our tutors all have a rigorous selective administration and only a comparatively small number is selected. This ensures that they have drawing level and the right skills to help their students fulfill their potential.


We match students and tutors based on your child's learning needs, personality and interests to help keep your child motivated and excited to learn.

Fit on kids' character and ability

Supportive Mentor Academy Training

We facilitate regular further training of tutors. Artropia Mentors have the opportunity to regularly participate in Mentor Academy events. These activities are designed to take teaching, personal and drawing skills to the next level.


Flexible and reliable

At Artropia, the needs of students and parents come first. We respond quickly to all concerns of students and their parents. On our online platform, you can easily postpone lessons in minutes, and in case of vacation or illness, we always make sure a substitute teacher is available so your child never misses a lesson.



High starting point

Multiple qualification verifications and years of teaching experience


High standard

Multi-dimensional grade assessment, teaching skills assessment, student satisfaction survey


High quality

Systematic training, supervision and supervision, targeted teaching and research, growth evaluation

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